Sunday, September 12, 2010

hepi Eid Mubarak

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Salam everyone....

I wanna wish HEPI EID MUBARAK to my family, my brother in Moscow,cousins,aunties,uncles,relatives,my TESL girls,MAKTAB frens and lecturers,IIUM frens and lecturers,ex-SKKBBS frens and teachers ,ex-SMKBBS frens and teachers,ex-KMNS frens and also all the readers.

..Sori for all my wrongdoings..

..Do come to my house..

..Enjoy ur HARI RAYA with Allah’s blessing..

Monday, September 6, 2010

..heS away again..

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Last Saturday, I went to KLIA with my dearie cousin as my brother needed to fly back to Moscow. My mom n my siblings could only send him at airport KT ajer.His summer hols udah abis okeh! The class already started. Poor him, couldn’t celebrate Eid with us for the second time. But, next year insyaAllah he’ll celebrate Eid with, darling brother, toksah sedih2 molek2 jgn malas2!

with 'new gf'

his senior's family

hehe..bored of waiting

the cutiest kakak he has....har3

he with lovely cousin


papai..c u next year.insyaAllah

..a family tragedy..

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Salam everyone

This is my very first entry 4 this Ramadhan

And….im home ok!wink~

Forgive me coz im very busy,with mountain of assignments n also mid term. Some already submitted before the Eid break and some are still in progress,need to submit after the Eid break….huhu.~sigh~. Well, this sem is totally hectic! With mountain of assignments, I sleep around 4.00 a.m every day and ada jugak ye tuan-tuan and puan-puan ari xtidoq.huhu. And I missed sahur for many many time. Just imagine you sleep late at nite and how come you’ll wake up for sahur?of coz le sgt malas and liat okeh!

Untuk entry kali ini juga aku juga ingin mengucapkan salam takziah bt family arwah TARMIZI BIN REDZUAN(1991-1 Sept 2010). Beliau yg dimaksudkan merupakan 2pupu aku,meninggal sbb accident. Arwah merupakan pelajar di TATI,Terengganu. Aku mmg betul2 terkedu bila dpt tau psl ni.Ya Allah,bygkan lg seminggu nk rayer. And my cousin cerita sendiri bagaimana ayh arwah terpaksa dipapah n betapa tabahnye ibu beliau. Doa aku moga arwah ditempatkan dlm kalangan org2 yg beriman.Al-Fatihah..


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